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Phil Hardberger Park is divided by Wurzbach Parkway. To your north you will see the hill country, just west of the bridge an overlook of the downtown skyline, and of course the beautiful bridge overlooking the Colorado River. Features: This is a lovely park with wood-themed playscapes. This park has a nice playscape as well as the city pool.

If you choose BridgeClimb, BridgeClimb Express or BridgeClimb Mandarin, you reach the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, 134m above sea level, right in the heart of Sydney Harbour for an uninterrupted panorama of the city and surrounds. On The Bridge Climb route, climbers will scale 1332 stairs.

In true form of the climbers of Mount Everest we decided to lighten our loads by leaving some of our water on the rocks of this cool place to be retrieved on the way down. The entire bridge itself spans 1,150 feet and has 100 feet of clearance below for the hundreds of watercraft that pass under it every day.

Head right, then take another right as you come to the Rimrock Trail, which follows a two-track ranch road. Climbing at Nelson Rocks can date as far back as the rock climbing found at Seneca Rocks. Features: Harper Park has a large playscape with many things to climb, including trees, and swings including a bench swing.

Of course the twilight tours are the most expensive, you climb in daylight, reach the top of the bridge at sunset, and climb down in the semi-darkness. Finally, though there is no climbing within its city limits, the city of Lander Wyoming, deserves special mention, since it allows dirtbag climbers to CAMP in its city park between their sessions at nearby Wild Iris or Sinks Canyon.

You can deck, slam the wall, or flip upside down in sport climbing, and loose rock is always a hazard. Sometimes it seems like various state parks' policies toward climbing take a similar approach. Most state parks across the nation fall between Smith Rock's open tolerance and Natural Bridge's retroactive hostility.

REAL LIFE: In 2009, ice climbing icon Guy Lacelle was killed after finishing an ice route in Hyalite Canyon, Montana. Ropes course activities and rock climbing sessions require advanced reservations. Features: Tanglewood Forest (not to be confused with Tanglewood in Northwest Austin) is run by a limited district, but it offers some of the best equipment for a small park.

Visit Austin: The recent opening of the Boardwalk provides a continual connection of Austin's beloved Josh Spencer trail over the lake, not to mention spectacular views of the skyline. Mo-Ranch Ropes offers rock climbing as an added activity for guests and groups. The term Via Ferrata” is Italian for Iron Road” and is used to describe a type of climbing consisting of metal rungs and cables permanently affixed to rock, thereby offering an easy means of ascending the cliffs on which they've been installed.

The mountain is actually an extinct volcano, and its deep gorges, ridges, and sharp peaks provide an unparalleled backdrop to experience climbing. 7. Poor communication Maybe it's windy, or the route is long, or you're trying to climb at the Virgin River Gorge, where the interstate noise numbs your eardrums.

Stair climbing is definitely growing in popularity, in large part due to the 65-city-wide Fight for Air Climb fundraising series. Parking is available on the west side of the Continental Avenue Bridge (109 Continental Avenue). For $5 a day, you can gain access to 3 cliffs, 52 routes, 31 variations, and 37 bouldering problems - plus a practice wall and a river to cool off in.

The park realizes that its main user group is climbers, and caters to that group. The first mile and a half go up the mountain that is visible from the trail head parking lot. In addition to well over 500 routes, the area boasts the second longest sport route in North America, Timewave Zero, ringing in at 23 pitches and over 2,000 feet.

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